The Ceremony Of The Table

December, 1, 2017.

I may be a chef, but I am also a diner. I love to entertain, and as any host, table setting is one of the most enjoyable parts when preparing a dinner party. I just love picking the china, silverware, glassware ( I love to mix them) and flowers. And then, lingering on the table after a meal…for hours into the night.

My latest fad: big flowers, small vases.

I love these pretty vessels because you can still make a gorgeous flower arrangement without going too high and preventing your guests to seeing each other’s faces at the table.

A single rose fits beautiful in their classic shape with a miniature opening on the vessel;

Flowers like Aster make a single stem really pop in this rounded vase.


This beautiful bouquet is placed in small clear glasses decorated with straw ribbon;

The vivid turquoise of this vase brings the right look for this white hydrangeas;

And just like that, I am getting all excited for the upcoming Holiday Season with lots of table settings and delicious cooking. If you are about to set up your table, snap a photo and share with me on social media. After all, it’s in the smallest details that we find happiness.

Wishing you Happy and Healthy Holidays!

Hugs to all,